Enter a tropical state of mind with ANIKA, our infinitely wearable clothing line for the casual cool and the laidback luxe. Built on the ethos of fuss-free femininity, we believe understated is underrated.

Our proudly Filipino brand is made by women, for women, as spearheaded by Anika Martirez, a FIDM Los Angeles alumna. Fueled by one of her Dad’s favorite quotes, “if you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs”, she was driven to actualize this passion and start something she could call her own.

Our namesake brand, simply called ANIKA (@wear.anika is the Instagram handle), was launched in February 2016.

Think timeless, versatile, and well-made pieces for heavy wardrobe rotation, no matter the occasion. Our collections transcend trends. But we’d like to go beyond simply nice clothing.

Why did we start ANIKA?

We stand for style, substance, and slow fashion. We design with purpose. We aim to carry out the following core values the most transparent way we can. As a work in progress, these are at the heart of what we do:

1. We want to empower women by making them feel good and confident through our pieces. Our creations become a part of milestones, big or small, as they’re made to last with proper care. Our pieces become keepsakes.

2. We want to encourage others to support local by highlighting Filipino craftsmanship, even through our minimalist, everyday aesthetic. We want to continuously provide and maintain a certain standard of livelihood to our small, yet growing team of seamstresses, the very heart of our production.

3. We want to uphold slow fashion by being thoughtful yet prolific about each design, keeping our quantities limited in volume, and producing as little waste as possible by upcycling excess fabrics and repurposing them, for instance. We want to be mindful of our design process. Good things take time.

4. We want to use our platform to spread positivity, hope, and gratitude. Or even as simple as spark inspiration. A warm, personalized touch when communicating with all our clients is a must.

5. Yes, each piece is designed with sun-drenched vacations in mind, but we realize not every day will be sunny. If and when crises arise, we are ready to adapt. We want to be of service by placing our community’s needs first (our team members, those affected, and our clients) before our own. We want to make a difference, albeit small, with what we have.

Our story evolves as we go along and we are always grateful to have you part of it and our growing community.